Opal Oils

Designed by Opal therapists and prepared by hand on the premises, Opal Oils are used gratis in our treatment sessions and are available for take-home purchase. They are designed to suit a variety of needs and moods.

A select group of Opal Oils are highlighted every few months to celebrate the gifts of, and combat the challenges associated with, the changing seasons.

Opal Pillows

Our popular signature pillows are hand-sewn by the owners using lush silks and brocades. Filled with organic seeds and aromatic spices, they release a soothing aroma when heated in the microwave. Opal Pillows are the ideal weight and size for imparting heat anywhere on the body, especially the neck, abdomen and low back.

Opal Oils and Pillows are available on site only. Sorry, mail order is not possible at this time! We look forward to seeing you at Opal soon.