Opal began in the summer of 2000 when two young, energetic massage therapists dreamed of creating a healing center devoted solely to bodywork. Opal was born of the desire to ground our work in a physical space that provided the tools and atmosphere needed to offer the highest quality massage therapy possible.

Sarah and Sherry found a small storefront on 5th Avenue. We lit some candles, hung up a hand-painted sign, and went to work. We did (and still do) everything ourselves. We answered the phone, booked appointments, designed brochures, scrubbed the floors, washed the sheets and, of course, provided the therapy.

Within a year we became overwhelmed with appointment demand and began to search for someone equally dedicated to the art and science of bodywork, and who would ensure that our diverse clientele would continue to receive high-caliber therapy. We found Erica, and went to work.

That has been our “business plan” to this day. We do the work we love to do, eventually get so busy that we need more help, and find someone we feel will fit in well with the rest of the family. Our therapist roster is now in the double digits, and most of them have been with us for years. Each therapist has been chosen according to standards we will never compromise. At the same time, as our staff expands and diversifies, we honor the uniqueness of the individuals who comprise Opal, and celebrate the various skills, experiences and energies they bring in.


Opal StorefrontApril of 2010 marked the latest chapter of our story. Desiring to stretch out and create a more pleasant environment for both therapists and clients, we bid a fond farewell to our 5th Avenue location. Sherry and Erica opened the doors to our new home on the corner of 8th Avenue and Lincoln Place on April 7, 2010. A mere 3 blocks from 158 5th Avenue, we now occupy the ground floor of a brownstone on a quiet, tree-lined block in Park Slope. Our new facility doubles our treatment capacity, provides us the option of couples massage and in-house workshops, has a room beautifully equipped to provide floorwork therapies like Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage, and finally allows us room to answer the phone! We are also thrilled that we have managed to design all of this space so that it remains cozy and client-centered, which has always been important to everyone here.

Opal has its own unique vibe. When you arrive, we’ll ask you to remove your shoes. As you take a moment to settle, you’ll probably notice that you are surrounded by an eclectic, much loved collection of spiritual icons. As you enter our main waiting area, you can begin to relax in our tranquil indoor garden, surrounded by plants and light. You will spot a shelf with our seasonally revolving oil blends for you to sniff, sample and choose for your session if you like. Books and papers appear frequently, as therapists and sometimes clients share materials from workshops they give and attend. The cross pollination of information and experience that occurs at Opal ensures that even though many of us have been doing massage for a long time, our work remains fresh and vital.

A dream hatched over a decade ago has brought us here, together. We look forward to continuing the Story of Opal with you.