Prenatal Massage

At Opal, we believe that pregnancy presents one of the best reasons in life to choose to receive regular massage.  It relaxes the mother, keeps her in touch with the changes in her body, provides relief from some of the discomfort those changes may bring, and provides a nurturing, celebratory aspect to the experience of carrying a baby.

We have three positioning options at Opal:


Our specially designed body cushioning system

sits on top of the table and provides the option of tummy down positioning during most of your pregnancy.  We have chosen the cushions over tables with cut-outs because we find them more flexible when adjusting to different bodies.


Side-lying cushioning

is available for the latter stages of pregnancy or for women who simply prefer that option.  Our full-length body pillows are of the highest quality and we have all the cushioning you need to make yourself comfortable.


Whether choosing side-lying or tummy-down, 

we have inclining tables and/or wedges to provide a safe, comfortable option when it is time
to work supine.



is very special here at Opal.  Pregnancy is a time when the therapeutic effects of essential oils can be very useful.  It’s important, however, to be more careful when using oils during pregnancy.  Aromatherapy is not regulated in the U.S. and consequently opinions vary about some of its practices.  Some aroma therapists recommend certain oils be avoided during pregnancy, while others say there is no evidence that any oils used topically have ill effects on mother or child.  Opal Oils for pregnancy contain essential oils that leading contemporary aromatherapy experts especially recommend for women to use during pregnancy, and these oils have also stood the tests of time and tradition for these uses.



*Intended for use after the first trimester only.

Mama’s Anytime All Purpose Blend

lavender, chamomile, rose, mandarin

A balanced blend of scents especially useful and widely applicable during the childbearing year—gently soothing and calming to the nervous and digestive systems, as well as nourishing and healing to sensitive, delicate, and mildly irritated skin.

Mama’s Belly Rub

neroli, helichrysum, mandarin, frankincense

A delicious blend formulated to relax the mind, inspire deeper breathing, and nourish the skin—using oils that have been traditionally used to minimize stretch marks.

Mama’s Foot Rub

geranium, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon

Gently addresses water retention in swollen feet and ankles.  People who aren’t mamas find it useful too!

Mama Bloom

tangerine, neroli, ylang ylang

Both relaxing and uplifting, this blend is heavier on floral notes and formulated especially to deal with exhaustion.

Bundle of Joy*

Jasmine, rose, rose geranium, mandarin

For the new mother, light and lovely oils that evoke tenderness and joy.  Associated with the heart chakra, these oils are also traditionally used to promote hormonal balancing, soothe insomnia and mood changes, and relieve anxiety and mild depression.

*For postpartum use only

Mama Pranayama

Lavender, bergamot, peppermint, tea tree

Gentle anti-microbials  blended with the sinus clearing properties of mint create a comforting remedy for when you’re feeling under the weather.

Mama’s Rejuvenation

Lavender, geranium, mandarin 

A dilute version of our catalogue rejuvenate, this blend gets the energies flowing when you need
a  little pick-me-up.

Though we’ve chosen oils specially suited for this time of your life, you should always listen to your body and defer to what it tells you.  Skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy, so it’s possible that while you’re pregnant you may react to oils that didn’t bother you before.  And because skin is not the only organ that might behave differently during pregnancy, you may find that you no longer like the aroma of some oils that you thought were wonderful before you got pregnant.  As always, if you have special concerns, you may wish to consult with your primary health practitioner before using aromatherapy.  Unscented oil is always an option if you prefer.


*Special Note: This is a wonderful time to take advantage of our generous series packages.  Asking for one as a gift is something that many of our clients have done and they find it especially helpful to save one or two sessions for after the baby comes.