Designed by Opal therapists and prepared by hand on the premises, Opal Oils are used gratis in our treatment sessions and are available for take-home purchase.  They are designed to suit a variety of needs and moods and a special selection of blends are prepared seasonally.  We use high quality essential oils blended into a base of coconut.


At the beginning of each season, we select four Opal Oils from our vast catalog that we feel represent and celebrate nature’s changes.  These Oils are designed to support well-being when minds and bodies feel the stress of shifting temperatures, as well as the inevitable challenges and celebrations each season can bring.



laurel, neroli, bergamot, orange

Like a vacation on the beach, the oils here have been chosen for their abilities to treat both depression and anxiety, invigorating the body and refreshing the spirit.


rose, chamomile, calendula

Sunburn, heat rash, chaffing, chapping…let’s face it, summer can be brutal on your skin. This is your remedy. Superlative calming oils mingle to act as a gentle balm to treat heat-ravaged skin (and heat-ravaged emotions!).


frankincense, cypress, lavender

Helpful for colds, soothing to both respiratory and nervous systems, these oils pack a powerful punch when you need a moment to take a deep breath and just slow it down. This is also a great blend for summer skin challenges if flowery oils aren’t to your liking.


Aches, pains and muscle strains!  We always have these blends on hand, and each has a different take on how to best address sore, tense muscles.   They all are excellent choices to aid in tissue recovery and circulatory support.


cypress, rosemary, eucalyptus, grapefruit

Our original post-workout blend.  Grapefruit and cypress have a restorative, toning effect on the veins, while rosemary strengthens arterial bloodflow.  Circulation is thus greatly stimulated, flushing toxins from sore muscle tissue.  As oxygen-rich blood works its healing magic on aching limbs, eucalyptus’ analgesic, camphoraceous quality relieves pain and encourages deep breathing.  The more oxygen we take in, the faster we recover!

Muscle Remedy

ravensara, camphor, lime, spearmint

Ravensara and camphor are not only great pain relieving oils, they also stimulate respiration which aids in muscle repair.  Combined with lime and spearmint, this formula lifts the spirit and helps relieve spasms associated with over-training—or just pain and exhaustion from a WHOLE DAY playing softball!

Personal Best

bay laurel, lavender, chamomile, rosemary

Rosemary increases blood circulation, while lavender and chamomile help muscle tissue to relax and not spasm.  The result?  Well-oxygenated muscles that can recover faster post-workout.  This blend also speaks to the heart of the athlete: rosemary strengthens self-identity, bay laurel inspires self-confidence and chamomile can assist in the acceptance of (temporary) limitations.  We can hang in there and go the extra mile!


These are time-tested blends that have earned a permanent place on our shelves.  From classic simples to favorite combinations, all of these Oils have exceptional healing qualities and smell heavenly.

Deep Tissue

frankincense, holy basil, camphor

Powerful analgesics are combined with the tension soothing qualities of frankincense.  Used by contemplatives to slow down and deepen the breath, frankincense facilitates the return of oxygen to stressed tissues.  Camphor and holy basil address muscle soreness and reduce inflammation.



Anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, analgesic….and that’s just the first letter of the alphabet!  Renowned for centuries as a healer, lavender has been used to treat so many conditions.  It is almost always a wonderful choice to soothe tension and stress.



Excellent to nourish dry and sensitive skin.  For some, it has a lovely nostalgic quality that lets the mind float away, suffused with gentle daydreams.


lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon, thyme, rosemary

Powerful immune system support for those times when it seems like everyone around you is getting sick.  Supreme ant-bacterial power makes this blend a great friend to caretakers.


lavender, geranium, chamomile

Florals and aromatics calm, soothe and help prepare you to rest and sleep.  Also useful when anxiety is suppressing your appetite.  This blend was the first ever created at Opal and holds a very special place in our hearts.


ylang-ylang, bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange

Developed for a client who found, through a lengthy, life-threatening illness, a path to greater self-awareness and spiritual growth.  Illumination’s  floral and citrus notes inspire a light heart and appreciation for being in the moment.  A heart chakra opener,  we often turn to this blend to help ease sorrow, grief, depression and harsh self-judgement.


helichrysum, frankincense, sandalwood

A long history of use in spiritual practice, equally at home in cathedrals and ashrams, these oils combine to soothe the nervous system, regulate breathing and promote a balanced state of mind, as well as easing tight muscles and tendons.

*None of our statements have been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  It is not in the scope of massage therapy or aromatherapy to diagnose, and these aromatherapeutic oils are not intended as substitutes for professional medical advice and its primary treatments.  For serious issue always consult your primary health care practitioner.

Opal Pillows

Our popular signature pillows are hand-sewn by us using lush silks and brocades.  Filled with seeds and aromatic spices, they release a soothing aroma when heated in the microwave.  Opal Pillows are the ideal weight and size for imparting heat anywhere on the body, especially the neck, abdomen and low back.

Opal Oils and Pillows are available on site only.  Sorry, mail order is not possible at this time!  We look forward to seeing you at Opal soon.